Well you just knew this was coming! Jon Stewart devoted a Daily Show segment to the Birther movement and its enablers in the media last night, a segment he used to eviscerate them thoroughly and hilariously.

Now, regarding the Birthers—one of the treats of our day yesterday was reading the unapproved comments on Pareene's Birther post. This one was a personal favorite:

Well now I know the Obots have meetings to issue "talking Points".
Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh have finally put Obama's eligibility issue on the MSMs front page, about time. The Obots are now running scared their leaders hidden truths will be forced out into the open so they are now all spouting the new reply to questions about their little Communist gods eligibility. They no longer scream "factcheck has a copy of the COLB for all to see" or "The Governor of Hawaii swears he was born in Hawaii" Now thew pull the Race Card! Anybody that questions the eligibility of their great one is a "Racist" I have been following this issue for a year now and "birthers" were call everything thinkable, crazy, insane, nut jobs, but I have not read them being called "Racists" until this issue hit the MSM. Do you think that they possibly think that we Birthers may be able to prove the truth is true? When all else fails pull the Race Card. Wake up America. The simple fact his father was not an American makes it impossible for Obama to be considered a Natural Born American. Natural Born = Born of Blood and Soil. the blood of two American Parents and born on American soil. We are not talking about whether on not he is a citizen, he has to be a Natural Born American to be President. A qualification he can not fulfill.

We post the above comment just as a reminder of what reasonable people from both parties are up against in trying to make the Birthers go away. Now, have a laugh at their expense before you go and throw yourself out of a window.

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