Hollywood's irascible uncle Rupert Everett flew off the handle again, this time saying that Michael Jackson was a "freak" and better off dead. He's just one of our favorite people who can't be tamed by a publicist.

These days, everyone in Hollywood and politics is on message all the time and media trained within an inch of their lives. Thank God there are a few people who are too washed up, too stupid, or too crazy not to give a rat's ass what they're told to say. Isn't that what makes life interesting?

The Jackson flap wasn't Rupert's first time at the rodeo. He recently got attention for discussing Graydon Carter's sexual proclivities as well as saying that gays shouldn't have children. Oh, and his book calls Julia Roberts "tinged with madness" and Sharon Stone "utterly unhinged."


Bill Maher was infamously fired from his talk show "Politically Incorrect" for saying that the 9/11 terrorists were "brave." Thankfully HBO is crazy enough to give the man his own show where he is one of President Obama's first liberal critics, even saying he wishes Barack were more like George W. Bush. "If Bush could go to war in Iraq when nobody was thinking about it, how come this president can't get through something like health care reform in a way that the people really want when people are actually for it," he spouted off recently.


For a skinny blond lady, Ann Coulter sure talkes a lot about death and violence, usually wishing both on the "liberals" she's made a career of threatening. Her nadir came during the campaign when she called John Edwards a "faggot." We may think she's a loon, but at least she speaks her mind.

Kathy Griffin said "dick" during a live broadcast on CNN. Yes, absolutely no restraint.

The latest addition to the "say anything" club, Megan Fox, while already the sexiest, is also our new favorite. When she's not saying she's a tranny or dissing on Scarlett Johansson for being affected, she's talking about how women in Hollywood are objects. Our fingers are crossed that her career lasts long enough for her to have more unfiltered comments to share.