Noted unauthorized biography writer Jerry Oppenheimer has a book on Bernie Madoff coming out soon that contains at least one somewhat surprising revelation about the Ponzi-schemer: Many Madoff acquaintances considered him to be one of the stupidest people they knew.

Page Six has a rundown of a few of Madoff tidbits revealed by Oppenheimer, including that he was serial philanderer with deep ties to the mob, but these two were perhaps the most interesting of all:

-Just before Madoff's arrest, a pal ran into him in Central Park and saw him wearing two gold Rolexes on one wrist. "I gotta know what time it is in my London office," Madoff explained to the friend, who told Oppenheimer: "Think about that — Bernie couldn't do the addition or the subtraction!"

-Many Madoff acquaintances were stunned by his massive con, as they considered him "the dumbest man on Earth."

Surely this information will provide great comfort to those who were swindled by Bernie Madoff, no?

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