They like sci-fi! They wear costumes! They play with light sabers! They saw The X-Files movie in the theater! Yes, every year people freak out when they found out that Comic-Con is full of freaks.

Well, it wouldn't be the same without them. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the first two days. Strangely, most of them are of women. Like everyone else, the photographer is probably too scared of girls to actually talk to them, so he just snaps away.

Publicity shy Tinkerbell hides from the paparazzi.


Just because you have a Darth Vader helmet on does not mean you're wearing a costume.

"Hi, this is Dick Cavett under here. Have you seen my friend, Darth Vader?"


Captain Transamerica.

Perez Hilton makes a killer Green Lantern.

Not a librarian costume, a real librarian.

John Cho immediately after placing index finger to temple and cocking thumb.

"Listen, I thought I wouldn't have to bring this up after last year's debacle, but I repeat: Section 498 of the guidelines of the Pretend Princess Leia Federation states that you must be under 217 pounds to wear the gold bikini costume. Thank you."

The front row of the Robert Pattinson panel.

"Then I got up on and served Peter Jackson and James Cameron water. It was freaking suh-weet!"

Apparently Halloween isn't the only occasion for slutty cheerleader uniforms anymore.

Attack of the 50-foot Megan Fox.

Mommy, help!

Sadly, we know who she's dressed up as. And she did a killer job.

Millions of fanboys left in a huff when they learned that the Cameron Diaz panel about The Box had no mention of, well, you know...

Former East German swimmer and Olympic gold medal winner Helga Auchtenfluz came as the Hulk.

If she can read our mind she'd hear us thinking, "Spandex? Really?"

Isn't that a Vulcan symbol? Where's your authenticity?

Pretty girl uglies herself up so someone will actually talk to her at Comic-con.

Fired from his job fighting litter, Paper Iron Man got a job as a holiday gift wrapper at Macy's.

No, not Dora the Explorer. Just some kid.

The Ice King goes in search of his bride, Anna Wintour.