New York's most important issue is Saving the Beatrice Inn. But alas, it looks like the return of the elitist coke den is not meant to be. Chloe Sevigny may not be the city's biggest power broker, after all.

The hokey cokey smokey anti-pleb celeb haven was shut down in April due to various violations of various legal, moral, and bah-humbugian codes. The "Nightlife Preservation" movement has been working on the Beatrice's behalf, but it's not looking promising. According to P6:

THE "Free the Beatrice" effort appears to have failed. An insider tells Page Six that the West Village hot spot, which has been shuttered since April, is up for a liquor-license renewal at the beginning of next year — and has almost no chance of getting it. "Neighbors are still campaigning against the club, and they have the support of the city," says our source.

All Paul Sevigny needs to do is move the club into a neighborhood populated by less wealthy and powerful neighbors, and he should have no problems at all. SoBro is the new Soho.
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