Today in batshit conspiracy-mongering: Republicans don't really know what to do about their crazier constituents. Well, some of them know what to do. Humor them!

After Mike Castle got booed during a town hall for telling the crowd that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, which is the truth, other non-insane Republicans are trying to figure out what to do about Birthers back home as they prepare for the August recess.

Some of them are just going to avoid town halls, others are just going to tell Birthers that Obama was born in Hawaii and that is the end of it, and some are just going to change the subject. But some elected Republicans will try to "find the elusive middle ground," because it's always best to meet an insane racist halfway.

Sen. Jim Inhofe has also tried to find the elusive middle ground.

"They have a point," he said of the birthers. "I don't discourage it. ... But I'm going to pursue defeating [Obama] on things that I think are very destructive to America."

Well. We guess we're just going to have to demand documentation of Inhofe's 2006 claim that no one in his family has ever been divorced or gay. Where are the marriage certificates, Senator?