Oh happy day! The whole Fox & Friends gang was back together again this morning. The wind-blown pumpkin patch was discussing the Gates/Race Police White House beer sit-down, and Brian Kilmeade said more weird isolationist stuff.

It wasn't like he said that ethnics and stuff shouldn't interbreed lest they be made impure or anything. Mercy no, nothing like that. It's just that if you're gonna be drinking Red Stripe beer, which Gates supposedly likes, it had better be in Jamaica. Because in America we drinks American beers, like Budweiser and Guinness.

To their credit, both Bri-Bri and Steve "Reason Not to Go Into Room 237" Doocy like Blue Moon, which is a delicious beer. Gretchen remains silent in this clip (though we did learn earlier that her summer vacay was to northern Minnesota. Conferring with her Nordic peoples, no doubt), but you can bet that had she been asked to weigh in on the beer discussion (she never wouldn have, by the way, because only men and ugly women drink beer in Real America), Gretchen would have just nodded her head and done a quiet clog dance.

One more day, my loves. Just one more sweet day. Please make it a good one tomorrow.