Remember when Jaguars were the most beautiful, fastest cars on the road? Don't worry, you're not alone. UK firm Eagle remembers too and they're remaking this Jaguar E-Type Speedster using upgraded original components.

Actually, "remaking" probably isn't an appropriate term, maybe "reborn" would be better. See, while this vehicle was built on top of an original E-Type chassis and uses the original straight-six, the Speedster is actually a one-off contemporary design and that engine produces twice the power and torque of the original. Follow the images for details. [Eagle via CAR]

The custom-built windscreen is lowered and raked back with shaped wind-down side glass and hidden ‘A' posts.

This enhances the 'sleekness' of the overall shape and creates a driving 'cocoon'.

The deeper sills & lowered floor pan effortlessly increase the more muscular appearance of the all-aluminium bodyshell and lowers the drivers seating position.

This enhances the feeling of 'connection' with the road and stiffens the body even further.

The body colour sheet metal extends across the door tops and around the scallops further defining the essence of the Speedster concept.

The wheel track has been increased and the wheel arch width extended - in keeping with the 'muscular' lines of the bodyshell.

To suit USA registration plates and shorter UK numbers, the number plate aperture has been narrowed - working in harmony with the overall style.

These completely custom-designed aluminium rimmed wheels have been expertly made to enhance the visual aesthetic, road holding and grip. They are completed by the custom designed 3-eared wheel spinners.

From the first design sketches, we wanted this cockpit to be a fantastic place to be. It combines pure driving functionality with classic styling and luxury. It's pure E-Type - right down the authentic aluminium fascia.

The rear decking extends further centrally and drops into the cockpit creating a 'waterfall' console, mirroring the smooth external lines into the cockpit.

To keep the smooth lines flowing inside the cockpit, the handbrake lever has been completely concealed - under the Edelman hide cubby lid.

Underneath all the exterior beauty lies the heart of the beast - the Eagle 4.7 litre engine matched to our 5 speed gearbox and sports suspension.

The tuned Jaguar block develops 300bhp – a 50% increase over the standard E-type engine of the '60's – and 340lb ft of torque that comes in at around 1700rpm.

Overall weight is just 2,425 Lbs, which means the Speedster reaches 60 MPH in less than five seconds and tops out around 175 MPH.