The Wall Street Journal got tabloidy; the New York Times got snarky and a full-time kvetcher decided to stop complaining. The Twitterati were feeling experimental.

Wall Street Journal editor Alan Murray hilariously lampooned the state of mainstream business journalism in a pithy tweet that married weak sourcing with a ridiculous and sensational headline. Ah, the joys of satire.

New-media commentator Reed Kavner was taught a lesson at the gym, presumably having to do with determination rather than pity.

After the long-anticipated firing of NBC's Ben Silverman, even straight-laced Brian Stelter at the New York Times couldn't resist a dash of snark.

TechCrunch's Sarah Lacy explains just how rich the Zappos founders are, and figures "wealth managers" are reading her pronouncements. Yes, and still waiting for her past predictions to pan out.

The question isn't why Twitter's Biz Stone misspelled an abbreviation for "oxygen," but why he was typing it in the first place. Likely answer: His burning hatred of the English language and its lengthy glory.

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