Hey remember that entertainer person who died a few weeks ago? What was his name again—oh yeah, Michael Jackson! Well it looks like forensic investigators looking into his death are finally putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

Though no official cause of death has been released at this point, the AP is reporting tonight that the police investigators looking into Jackson's death have determined that it was the powerful anesthetic propofol that caused the pop singer's death and they are convinced that it was Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's personal physician, who administered the lethal dose.

Reports the Times Online:

Jackson was regularly given propofol to help him sleep. The drug, also known as Diprivan, is used to induce unconsciousness in hospital patients before major surgery. Reports have said that it was found in Jackson's home.

Police officers and federal drug agents have searched the doctor's offices under a warrant allowing authorities to seek "property or items constituting evidence of the offence of manslaughter that tend to show that Dr Conrad Murray committed the said criminal offence".

The AP report also says that the official results of the toxicology report ordered by the LA coroner should be made available to the public later in the week.

Michael Jackson Was Killed By Personal Physician Dr. Conrad Murray [Times Online]