A 1987 PBS documentary about trader Paul Tudor Jones is now on YouTube. This is noteworthy because after it originally aired Jones, now a multi-billionaire, demanded its removal from circulation, a move that inspired ridiculous interest in the film.

The documentary, titled Trader: The Documentary, has become legendary over the years with finance people clamoring to see it, some paying hundreds of dollars online for VHS copies, in the hopes that they might glean some savory nugget of trading wisdom from Jones.

Here's the description of the film written on the back of the box that the VHS tape came packaged in:

Is financial trading an art, science, profession or out-and-out gamble? If you're interested in money and you want to know what it's really like on Wall Street, this is the video you, your family, your colleagues and your friends should own. Filmed before Wall Street's October 1987 crash, TRADER is a riviting one hour documentary of a fascinating man, Paul Tudor Jones II. It delivers a rarely seen view of futures trading and explains the workings of this frantic, highly charged marketplace. It gives viewers an inside look at his estate in Virginia, skiing in Gstaad, his New York apartment. It also examines Jones' prediction that America is nearing the end of a 200-year bull market. If he's right – and he almost always is – this country and the world are about to experience economic changes of unprecedented proportions.

Here's the first part of the film, which is broken up into seven YouTube videos. They're pretty fascinating to watch, especially knowing all that we know now.

via Poor Taste via Soup