Today we have a British star who is having some problems with her down there business, an actor who wouldn't own up to babydaddydom, and a jerky jerky who did jerky things when dating someone who was, probably, a jerk.

1) "Which Brit star's sordid past appears to be finally catching up with her? She was left red-faced after fans recognised her during a recent visit to her local STI clinic." [Mirror]

2) "This B+/A- movie actor had a great relationship with his C list movie actress co-star on one of his recent movies. It didn't lead to anything romantic for them, but the actress did invite her sister to the set. Well one thing led to the other and the next thing you know the sister of the C list actress was pregnant. When our actor found out, he dumped the sister and is saying the child isn't his. It made for a VERY tense time between the actress and the actor on their recent promotional tour." [CDaN]


3) "Which half-jock couple isn't telling the truth about their breakup? Both parties are sticking to the same story: it was mutual and they still really, really care about each other, but their careers forced them to spend too much time apart. LOL. Not even close. The truth is that he was a dog. Not the cute, cuddly type you carry around for a photo op. No, he was the two-timing, non-condom-wearing kind of sinner. She wound up with an STD that he picked up from one of his pickups. No, it's not Paris Hilton." [BlindGossip]