Republican dirty trickster and all-around complete fucking weirdo Roger Stone likes to kinda sorta take credit for the downfall of Eliot Spitzer, and he is still doing his darndest to keep the hooker thing in the news. So let's help!

Because we are on his delightful blast email list, we were alerted to today's StoneZone post wondering why Spitzer didn't face criminal prosecution for sleeping with prostitutes, with his socks on. Sure, most johns aren't prosecuted, but Spitzer violated the Mann Act!

What do Chuck Berry, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charlie Chaplin, and Eliot Spitzer have in common? Answer: All of these men violated the federal Mann Act, but only one - Eliot Spitzer - was not prosecuted.

The Mann Act prohibits taking women across state lines for immoral purposes. It was mostly written to prosecute black people who slept with white women.

And what do Berry, Wright, and Chaplin have in common? Unlike Eliot, they all violated the Mann Act more than fifty years ago, when the Mann Act was actually enforced.

But why bring this up now? Well, Vanity Fair is apparently on the case and Mr. Stone would presumably like to be a part of whatever that story ends up being.