This entire Daniel Patrick Boyd case is... weird. A 39-year-old North Carolinian was arrested with his sons and other men he was apparently training in militant techniques, so that they could wage violent jihad. And he's a white American citizen!

Boyd converted to Islam in the 1980s. And then he... went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, with the Taliban. And then he just moved back to Raleigh and married his high school sweetheart! And he had kids named Luqman and Zakariya and Dylan and Noah.

Authorities were interested in Boyd's growing stockpile of armor-piercing assault weapons and his rural training expeditions on the Virginia border with young Muslim men, as well as the networks he used to finance and plan trips overseas.

It is just a crazy tale, altogether. And hey, here is how law enforcement got his wife out of the house, while they arrested her husband and searched their house:

Boyd, whose family lives in the Johnston County community of Willow Spring, described a harrowing experience Monday afternoon when she answered the door to find a man she thought was a family friend wearing a shirt that appeared to be bloodied. He told her that Daniel and their three sons, Dylan, Noah and Zakariya, were in a serious car crash. He asked her to get into a Highway Patrol cruiser that would take her to Duke Hospital, where they were being treated.

Boyd summoned her daughter and pregnant daughter-in-law. They wrapped their heads in scarves, grabbed their Qurans and flew out the door. For Boyd, it was a particularly painful experience. Her 16-year-old son, Luqman, died in a car crash near their home in 2007.

When they arrived at Duke Hospital, the cruiser took them to a construction site at the rear of the facility. A man dressed as a doctor came out and asked whether she was the wife. When she said yes, he extended his hand. She told him she does not shake men's hands. He then grabbed her wrist and handcuffed her.

Can they do that? Not even on the TV have we heard of such a ridiculous anti-terror ruse.

And Susan Boyd is like yeah, they have guns, but they are white southerners, having guns is their favorite right of all! But, you know, also the trained militant thing. Who knows what's going on here.

[Photo: AP]