Charlie Ebersol, who got into television through his dad Dick and who directed a movie about a snowboarder once, revolutionized TV news with his new Judgment at Nuremberg-meets-Dog the Bounty Hunter show The Wanted.

It's about "journalists" and prosecutors and Navy SEALS tracking down "war criminals" and bringing them to justice. Like this professor of French at Goucher College, Leopold Munyakazi, who either personally participated in the Rwandan genocide or had nothing to do with it beyond upsetting the current repressive Rwandan government. See, that's the problem, it's not clear which one of those is the case.

A "journalist"—even a TV "journalist!—might try to shed light on the matter and figure out, to the best of his investigative ability, what the truth about the situation actually is. Charlie went in with a camera crew and a Rwandan prosecutor and got Munyakazi arrested, and now he faces possible deportation and a maybe-politically motivated prosecution back in Rwanda that will probably lead to life in prison for something he might not have had anything to with.

But, you know, Charlie has no time for this "shades of gray" bullshit. That's why his new show is a favorite of red-blooded conservative bloggers!

"How often is it that one hour of TV viewing can annoy terrorists, The New York Times, and Human Rights Watch?" Mary Katharine Ham of The Weekly Standard wrote on Monday.

Pretty often, actually! E's Wild On probably fits the bill.

Unfortunately, the show's premiere was not watched by anyone, and even fewer people watched episode two, and now they will not air any more of it. But at least they brought Munyakazi to what is either justice or a ridiculous miscarriage of same!