Moments from now, Henry Louis Gates and a Cambridge police officer will finally fix racism in America, forever, over beer with Barack Obama. The cable news networks are, of course, already going nuts. We, of course, are already drinking.

We'll be liveblogging the historic picnic thing here, along with the endless coverage, since how many camera shots of the president drinking will we really get? If for some reason you want to watch us cover the coverage from our own beer nest, while sipping a Trumer Pils, there's a live stream of that over to the left somewhere. On to the show!

The beer meeting is scheduled for 6 pm ET; in the meantime we're watching cable news insanity.

Liveblogging will happen in the comments below...

UPDATE: Here's Glenn Beck's all-white picnic, mocking racial reconciliation. HILARIOUS.

UPDATE: The glorious moment of healing.

UPDATE: Bill Kristol says the lesson here is that Joe Biden, beer-party crasher, is a huge loser, and let's talk some more about that please. I mean, there were going to be THREE people at this party and now it's FOUR? Connect the dots.

UPDATE: Lou Dobbs demands an investigation into how much alcohol was consumed at this drunken orgy. One beer each? Two? Ten? Twelve? Is no one at CNN asking the pertinent questions? Besides Lou Dobbs? As usual?

Crowley explains his future meetings with Gates, which will involve "Kool Aid," because he probably loves that stuff amiright?? Groan.