In your sweltering Friday media column: the summer doldrums bring lazy story-theft to the New York Times, Conde Nast quits buying newspapers, a new documentary about reporters , to watch, and Pat Kiernan's Twitter is America's most powerful media outlet.

New York's most popular newsman-hero Pat Kiernan is writing things! On the power of the internet: "My Twitter link to a story about the Weinermobile crash sent over 3,000 clicks to the Minneapolis Star Tribune a couple of weeks ago." Pat Kiernant+wieners=sensation! [Pat, do you and Roger Clark wanna go bowling some time? Email me.]

New York Post, this past Monday: "Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn Raises Prices to $5 a Slice." New York Times, today: "Di Fara Pizza, a Brooklyn Legend, Raises its Price to $5 a Slice." Hey, that's quicker than they repackage stories from blogs. [UPDATE: A reader writes, "Actually, both the NY Times and the NY Post found that story on a blog, Slice's founder Adam Kuban, is quoted in both stories, and broke the story. So it is a repackaged blog story." The more you know!]


McKinsey is forcing Conde Nast to stop paying for newspaper subscriptions. Man, newspapers don't even pay for newspapers subscriptions any more.

A new documentary called "Breaking News, Breaking Down" looks at the trauma reporters suffer from covering crazy, horrible events. It looks interesting. Check it out.