Last week we noted how Rush Limbaugh hasn't lifted a chubby finger to follow through on a promise to move out of Manhattan, disgusted as he was with the high taxes and all. Maybe this ad campaign caught his eye.

This photo was snapped today by graphic designer/blogger Ashley Simko in front of a Manhattan Duane Reade, the horrifyingly ubiquitous pharmacy chain that is alternately every New Yorker's late night lifesaver or the bane of their very existence.

While this may be yet another example of Duane Reade's devotion to "place-based" advertising, mainly it seems more like a campaign designed specifically to provide fodder for the Duane Reade Sucks and I Hate Duane Reade blogs. Seriously, have we become that much of a drug culture that this sort of advertising makes it past the focus groups? Well yeah, probably.

Prescriptions. Easier to Get Than Taxicabs [Simko]