Last weekend, the White House made a subtle adjustment to the "issues" page of its web site, eliminating any claims of Barack Obama having accomplished anything and changing it to, basically, "we're working on it."

At left is the old version of this page, which claimed that Obama "arrived facing an unprecedented array of challenges, and has met them with a bold, comprehensive plan." Also that he has "kept faith with the American people" and "restored America's alliances abroad."

But that whole past-tense thing can come back to haunt you, so someone in the White House wisely did an ass-covering edit: "has met" became "is meeting"; "he restored" became "he is restoring"; and "he kept faith with the American people through a government that is open" became "he is reimagining government to be more open."

Most significantly, the headline "Delivering On Change," which implies the actual delivery of change, became "A New Foundation," which conveniently lacks a verb.

Notice of the change comes courtesy this amazing machine ProPublica put together, which will alert you anytime some socialist intern in the White House changes anything on the site and tracks the history of each page, Wikipedia-style. We already checked to see if the original iteration of Obama's bio said he was born in Mombosa, but these guys are too smart for that.