The trustee for Bernie Madoff's victims filed a $45 million suit against Ruth Madoff last week. He hasn't succeeded in getting any money yet, but he has succeeded in further humiliating Ruth Madoff! She is basically a grounded teenager now.

See, the trustee was like, "Hey she has $2.5 mil, she lived the high life on all this stolen money, she needs to pay back the victims." And then Ruth was like "Me? I'm not living the high life, what?" So now the judge has ruled that Ruth Madoff has to document everything she buys that costs more than $100. Everything. Sez the Post:

The purchases must be deemed "reasonable" by a judge, otherwise she could be held liable and in contempt of court.

Ruth Madoff is exactly like a high school kid whose dad found out she used the "emergency" credit card he got her to buy booze. One more mistake, young lady, and it's bye-bye Visa, hello McJob.
[Pic: AP]