Hey remember Jay Leno? He's back! Well, not totally back, but his new 10pm show starts in six weeks and NBC is about to barrage us all with non-stop Leno advertisements, so, he's back. Seriously, he's going to be everywhere!

According to Brian Stelter of the New York Times, the goal of NBC's multimedia advertising assault is to transform his upcoming show's already sky-high level of public awareness into a tidal wave of frenzied anticipation. NBC executives want you counting down the days until the premiere of Leno's new show, they want you talking about it to your co-workers around the watercooler at work, they want you Twittering about it constantly, hell, they want you masturbating to Jay Leno (And you know that you want to!). But most of all, NBC executives want you to laugh, because your life is shit and you should laugh at Jay Leno's stupid jokes just to add an extra layer of shit to it all.

"For us this is like, in effect, launching five shows," Adam Stotsky, the president of NBC Entertainment marketing, said in an interview.

The network's strategic proposition for Mr. Leno's show is "life needs more laughter," Mr. Stotsky said.

"Most people are dealing with daily pressures, day-to-day drudgery; the economy's got them down, or they may be tiring of the crime time that exists across the 10 o‘clock landscape," Mr. Stotsky said. The comedy show "will be the antidote."

See! You all need more Jay Leno in the black hole of suck you call a life. There's no use denying it, so just bend over, bite down and take your Leno, because he's coming in hard.

NBC's promotional tactics for Mr. Leno involve infiltrating mundane activities and inserting Mr. Leno's mainstream humor. That's why the network made a push into movie theaters last weekend, most notably with a two-and-a-half minute segment on National CineMedia's advertisement reel that runs on 16,000 screens across the country.

Later in the month, Mr. Leno's bits of comedy will also appear on airplanes, at gyms, in elevators and in New York City taxi cabs. "These are moments that are just begging for a bit of laughter," Mr. Stotsky said.

You hear that America? Adam Stotsky and Jay Leno are coming to save you. Aren't you excited?!