Daily Intel has unearthed a secret club of gays, at Conde Nast! They call themselves "The Majority" and are as interesting as, say, a company softball team. But hey, we have the original, uncensored photo of these mystery gays!

Yea, here's the original: Alejandro Ingelmo is a designer. Richard Chai is a designer. Derek Blasberg's the only one who actually works at Conde, at Style.com. So clearly, this picture is a canard. But even if it had been real, "The Majority"—which has approximately the same sociological significance as your book club would have, if you started one—is not scandalous enough to warrant the secrecy. Sample Q&A:

What are you wearing today?
A-GAY: I'm wearing a khaki suit I had custom-made in Asia with a white shirt. It's a Prada cut.

Straights, gays, secret, not secret, all the same.