Jay Leno shared some details about the format of his new show with the press today. Among the "highlights": celebrities racing "green" cars, pre-taped Daily Show type segments, and Brian Williams will be a show regular.

James Hibberd of The Hollywood Reporter says that Leno, who's lost 10-12 pounds running four miles each day, will present a "fast-paced hour" with a monologue and interviews with one or two celebrity guests. There will be wacky bits where celebrities race each other in vehicles powered by alternative fuels, as well as pre-taped segments featuring celebrities. For instance, D.L. Hughley will be the show's Washington correspondent and Brian Williams will do a "Stories Not Good Enough For Nightly News" segment. Musical segments which will occasionally feature multiple acts performing together.

Regarding his deep, hard screwing of Conan O'Brien, Leno says that he and O'Brien are a couple of swell pals looking forward to a "healthy rivalry."

"There was never any tension between Conan and I," he said. "Will we fight like cats and dogs to get the guest? Yes ... but that doesn't mean you don't like each other. It's a game. You tease and trash talk, that's the fun part."

Yes, it's all fun. Just like Leno would've loved it and thought that it was great fun had Johnny Carson moved into a primetime with a talk show taped in the same city as the Tonight Show when he took over. Ugh, why couldn't he just take his pile of cash and go off to work on old cars in between stand-up gigs in Branson?