Ana Marie Cox thanked late director John Hughes for giving her a spunky redhead to imitate; Lockhart Steele has had it with other people getting pampered in restaurants; everyone was already drinking. The Twitterati were no ingrates.

Curbed founder — and former Lure "mayor" — Lockhart Steele became outraged at the pork dumplings lavished on his successor.

Noted student of pop culture Joe Scarborough, who moonlights as an MSNBC anchor, helpfully explained who this mysterious "John Hughes" is.

Air America's Ana Marie Cox, meanwhile, looked back in Hughes' work in a reproductive context. (In the "cloning" sense of reproduction.)

Conservative editorialist Tunku Varadarajan declared it was time to start sipping on G&Ts.

VentureBeat's Paul Boutin finally escaped the office.

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