Former Star reporter Kate Major is milking all the publicity she can out of her fling with "great, great guy" Jon Gosselin. She's landed a three night E! interview special so she can dish about their "relationship."

Major says that there was "instant chemistry" between her and Gosselin after meeting him for the first time during an interview. He asked her to join him at a dinner with friends later that night and from there on it out it was love baby love, or at least that's what she told the Daily News.

"It's been a complete whirlwind, these past two weeks now," said the 26-year old. "I wake up some days and I think, ‘What was I thinking?' "

She added, "I had even joked with people at the office and said, 'Oh God, what am I, the next Kate?' "

And while Jon has been recently rumored to be currently boning the family babysitter, Kate sees Jon Gosselin as a virtually flawless man.

"He's a great, great guy," Major said. "I wish I could think of something wrong with the guy, but there really isn't."

Kate Major's judgment is the stuff of legends, isn't it?