Enormous-mouthed lead singer of seminal Boston rock band Aerosmith (sorry, Boston, the band), Steven Tyler, fell off a stage while performing a crazy twirly dance. His other daughter, Mia, released a PR statement to TMZ last night. This is classic:


Yes it's true my dad walked the wrong way and landed on his head. He broke his left shoulder and had to get a few stitches on his noggin.

He is now at home resting and will be back on his feet just as soon as he can to rock the world once more."

Wonderful, no? That's how you give a press release. Meanwhile, E! found footage from the fall, which is simply funny.

It resulted in a few stitches and probably a few canceled tour dates. So goes the perils of being a crazy-old-rock-star who's still kicking and screaming and doing the twirly dance like you always did. While a few amyl nitrates would normally clear this kind of thing right up as recently as ten years ago, sadly, the wear-and-tear of rock star aging requires more than a few poppers. So it goes. Getting old, like falling in love, is hard on the knees.