Today in bottom-feeding: a closeted print journalist, a Hollywood couple with an open relationship, bisexual reality show starlets, a pop star declines a chance to join the Mile High Club, and a diva pisses off her family.

1. "WHICH elderly print journalist is deep in the closet and trolls Craigslist for younger men? When one asked him what he does for a living, he replied, 'Write nonfiction books, news (can't I be a little discreet?)'" [P6. Ed. note: Old?]

2. "WHICH unmarried Hollywood couple have an open relationship? He's been sleeping with a much less attractive actress, but she prefers women anyway." [P6]


3. "WHICH reality-TV starlets swing both ways? The 20-something co-stars were kissing at a recent getaway and stayed together in a hotel room." [P6]

4. "Which pop star turned down a pretty fan wanting lewd antics on a long-haul flight? The fella was ticked off by management for his previous transatlantic love-ins." [Mirror UK]


5. "Which star is in the doghouse after her diva behaviour at a family do? The babe ordered her in-laws to fit a humidifier and insisted on a cloak and dagger arrival via the staff entrance." [Mirror UK]