Last Week, Lady Gaga accidently/on-purpose showed off her penis to the world. We don't think she's really a hermaphrodite, but the fiction has already joined the great pantheon of celebrity urban myths.

Though we don't think it's true, fans will be trotting out Gaga's supposed confirmation for years. They'll also be blowing up the photos of her "dick" in all its pixellated glory until it looks like the first photos of the Loch Ness Monster on the cover of the Weekly World News.


The original celebrity hermaphrodite was Jamie Lee Curtis. We prefer to tell it like she is a "super female," born with two X chromosomes and one Y, because sometimes being a hermaphrodite isn't exotic enough. Of course Curtis only has two X chromosmes, she's only guilty of being really tall and kinda butch.

The story goes that Rod Stewart had go to to the hospital because he had ingested so much semen that his body couldn't process it and he had to have his stomach pumped. That's a whole lotta love-juice. This tale was recycled and used on New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight in the early '90s. We can't wait to hear this about a Jonas brother.


The exact details of the myth surrounding Broadway and Gimme A Break star Nell Carter are fuzzy, but they always boil down to this: she had no clitoris. Either it was burnt off or ripped off backstage in a quick change or fell off from doing too much cocaine with her vagina (seriously?!).

One of the best urban legends is that the kid who played Mikey in the Life cereal commercials died from eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coke at the same time. While actor John Gilchrist is still alive, we're afraid this tale will soon die out. What former child star can we afflict with a deadly sweet tooth to keep it going?

Ever hear the one about Richard Gere...