Gretchen Carlson knows that not agreeing with "facts" is an American Right. Nancy Pelosi wants to destroy that right, by calling for reasoned, informed debate instead of red-faced shouting. What would Paul Giamatti do?

That is basically what happens in this Fox & Friends clip, though, as always, a simple textual description of the words spoken does not do justice to the fever dream quality of it all. If health care protesters were here to defend themselves they would agree that both sides are being un-American, Gretchen says.

And Brian Kilmeade wants to know if anyone "rented John Adams from HBO." In that film, all the founding fathers do is show up and yell at each other, at town halls! Who can forget the scene where a bunch of old, unemployed commoners crash the Constitutional Convention to shout at Paul Giamatti about how they read in a pamphlet somewhere that the bill of rights will allow their slaves to abort white babies with government money, or something, and besides, JEFFERSON WAS SECRETLY BORN IN FRANCE.