The protesters at America's health care town halls are scary, what with their guns, apocalyptic posturing and talk of blood. The footage continues to come in, and we continue to sift out the especially disturbing bits.

You know who else held meetings in little halls? Oh, lone wacky protestors are kind of funny, aren't they?


Less funny is Glenn Beck, crying on Fox News, because Barack Obama is so much like Hitler. Remember when the Republican Party called this sort of thing "vile political hate speech?"


"IF YOU CAN READ THIS SIGN YOU DON'T NEED A GOVERNMENT VISION PLAN." Also, shouldn't that blonde lady with the "Obahmadinejad" sign be in a veil? No Sharia cops out in that part of the country?

Chris Matthews welcomed to Hardball that protester with the 9mm strapped to his leg. The man cited the 2nd Amenment; he didn't bother explaining his sign invoking a quote about "the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Well, at least people don't bring kids to these crazy, weaponized protests...

...unless absolutely necessary to maximize the effectiveness of a sign.

The government provides free health care to prison inmates and members of the military, so you can, in fact, trade freedom for healthcare under the current system. The sign is funny because it's true!

The lady in the hat is not one of those shy, retiring mob participants, moping around all depressed and apologetic, using her indoor voice and making sense.