Wallace Souza is a modern-day renaissance man. He is a Brazillian state legislator, a TV crime show host, and a drug trafficking murderer. Hiram Monseratte, step up your game!

Souza had a TV show about how bad all the crime and drug trafficking is in the state of Amazonas, where he was a legislator. In order to prove his point about the crime, according to police, Souza "commissioned at lease five murders." Then he would report on these murders, for his TV show, boosting ratings and eliminating drug trafficking competitors. Is there anything death squads can't do?

A local police chief told the Associated Press that the order to execute always came from the presenter and his son, and that TV crews were alerted to get to the scene of the crime first.

Souza faces lots of charges but he remains free because he is a politician. Should he ever decide to emigrate, he has a bright future ahead of him in Albany, or on Fox.

Here is a very disturbing video of Mr. Souza's show, "fresh dead bodies we discovered before the police."