Amy Sohn sent us a copy of her new book Prospect Park West which Sarah Jessica Parker is making it into an HBO series even though she wouldn't be caught dead living there. So, what's it like?

Well, it's just like Sex and the City if all the girls pulled a Miranda and moved to Park Slope. In the novel, Sohn—a former sex columnist for the New York Press and New York— follows around four different women in the neighborhood as they negotiate husbands, kids, real estate, play dates, and shifts at the co-op. It's all very Brooklyn.

Naturally one is a freelance writer (hi, Amy!) and one is an insecure actress (hi, Sarah!), and there's a bitchy supermom and a former lesbian too! It will be great once this thing really takes off and the "Prospect Park West" tours begin in Brooklyn. Between the tourists and the strollers, there won't be an inch of free sidewalk space anywhere.

Read below where Rebecca, the freelance journalist character (who hasn't had sex in 18 months!), takes on some evil mommies at the playground.