If it hasn't been aired yet, we're guessing this clip of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee briefly murmuring into a phone as a woman asks a question will be on Fox within ten minutes. And, you know, fucking nice one, Sheila.

To be sure: Sheila Jackson Lee represents inner-city Houston, Texas. Her district is 40% black and 36% Hispanic. (Jackson Lee's last Republican opponent, coincidentally, received 20% of the vote.) This woman questioning her has never and will never vote for Jackson Lee, and if her story of being an unemployed, divorcing cancer survivor without insurance is correct, she would be directly and immensely helped by any of the health care reform bills currently sitting in the House, whereas in our current American system, her lack of employment and her preexisting condition mean she is most likely fucked.

And this version of the video abruptly ends when the woman finishes her question, because Jackson Lee answered it by sort of explaining that fact.

But the health care argument is entirely, purely, 100% divorced from facts, reason, and logic. It is just fear, paranoia, and hatred. And murmuring on a phone (even if you're just calling the House health care hotline!) while a cancer survivor accuses you of wanting to kill her is just dumb.