The American television dream can come true, attention addicts! MTV has picked up a new reality show called "Downtown Girls", which will make one media refugee blogger type momentarily pseudofamous. Not Julia Allison, though!

THR describes the show as "a reality sitcom chronicling the real-life exploits of five twentysomethings in New York: a whip-smart vlogger/blogger, an aspiring lawyer, a chic boutique owner, a hip music executive and a bride-to-be." So who is this "whip-smart vlogger/blogger," as if such a thing existed?

It is Shallon Lester, the former Daily News gossip hack who left the paper in February to go into music flackery, allegedly. Shallon's had reality show aspirations for some time now, but it's still amazing that she vaulted to tween-targeted reality show fameballdom before JA, who tried her damnedest.

Ah well. Blessing in disguise, JA. A little taste of Shallon Lester's whip-smartness, below.