Are you a gay Californian looking to get married? You could do it right now! To someone of the opposite sex. But if you want to get gay married, you will have to wait until activists get their shit together.

Equality California announced officially that they will not bother trying to get Proposition 8 repealed until 2012, when they'll push for a constitutional amendment permitting same-sex marriage.

See, it's hard to raise money, when the recession is going on, and also when you are not bothering to do anything because raising money is hard.

And there is all this insane and stupid activist group infighting about the various rich people who forgot to do anything about Prop 8 until the Mormons took control of the issue and pumped their huge Mormon dollars into the anti-gay marriage campaign.

So, yes, brilliant, throw your next gay marriage fight during the next presidential election year! Make sure to add a ballot initiative about immigrants getting abortions in black churches, too, while you are at it. To boost turnout.