Family Guycreator Seth MacFarlane finally acknowledged Stewie Griffin is gay. That's kind of like saying a certain grey-haired CNN anchor has a thing for boys. Since MacFarlane is outing toons, these other targets had better close their Manhunt accounts.

Fred: If you wear an orange manscarf all the time and spend countless nights in the back of a van with a hottie like Daphne and haven't hit that, then you are a giant fag—just like Fred.

Race Bannon: He is Johnny Quest's the long-suffering babysitter bodyguard and the constant companion of his father, Dr. Quest. He also looks a lot like a certain grey-haired CNN anchor.


He-Man: This muscle Mary wears a harness and gets his power when he holds his sword erect. He might as well be bent over wearing chaps in an alley in Chelsea.

Snagglepuss: He's lisping and pink. Do you need it spelled out for you? When he says, "Exit, stage right," he's probably going to a rest stop on the New Jersey turnpike.


Rudolph: There's a reason why none of the other reindeer want to play his games, namely doctor. Good thing he married a big ol' queen. But that queen is a doctor, well, dentist. His Jewish mother is so proud.

Peppermint Patty: Bad hair. No makeup. Birkenstocks. Walking cliche.

Chip and Dale: Two guys who live together and love nuts.

Zan: Not only does the wondertwin wear purple spandex, but he also comes with his own fag hag.

Every Thundercat: Seriously, look at them. It's like someone made an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical even gayer. They've even recruited!