An ABC reporter went off on Joe Scarborough; Julia Allison asked if she could be mean if she felt like it and a Twitter-less vacation proved hard to start. The Twitterati just had to get in one last dig.

ABC News' Jake Tapper, 40, launched into a sarcastic inter-generational feud with NBC's Joe Scarborough, who is all of 46. Come on, Jake, it's not like there aren't plenty of valid reasons to hate on Joe Scarborough.

Julia Allison asked if it's OK to be rude in order to satisfy one's curiosity, as opposed to acting curious in order to be rude.

Kevin Tofel of mobile tech site jkOnTheRun had a little trouble letting go of his precious, precious internet.

If counting a bloggers' pageviews can damage his ego, comparing his pageviews can obliterate it. Metcalfe's law is a fickle mistress, indeed. Just ask Gizmodo contributor Joel Johnson.

To Gina Trapani, 2003 seems like just it was just five years ago. This is either a natural symptom of aging, or of juggling a podcast, website, columns at Harvard and Lifehacker and two open-source projects.

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