Yesterday we pointed out that a fella named Justin Massler had sent an apparently insane horse-themed letter to the New York Observer. Now Justin is acting even more apparently insane. We think it's just bad performance art!

Justin Massler is the self-appointed head of the Heroic Destiny Squad, and he also used to call himself "Cloud Starchaser" and be a self-appointed big nemesis of Tucker Max. He also likes to write about himself, on the internet.

So anyhow after our post yesterday he sent us a long, ostensibly wacky/crazy letter of complaint, and then, when that did not generate immediate publicity, sent us another email titles "You win, Gawker and The Observer. I'll kill myself." Also he put this sentiment on his brand new Twitter page.

We are about 93% sure that Justin is an attention-hungry kid with too much time on his hands, which, ironically, makes him similar to Tucker Max. Often, a period of confinement in a good psychiatric ward can do wonders for people voicing suicide threats. It's a cry for help. Anyone who knows Justin, maybe work on that now. In the off chance he's actually serious: Justin, it's not worth it. Nobody cares that much what we say about people. And we're not going to write about you any more no matter what you do, so your blaze of glory would be pretty muted. Go live your life and have a fun time! As should we all!
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