When ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was victimized by a peeping sex perv, the New York Post defended her by running the sexxxy perv pictures. ESPN then banned Post reporters from their channel. But the Post is not done sympathizing—sexxxily!

Even by New York Post standards—which is saying quite a bit!—making this the lede of your story is an indication of some seething, rapey anger:

That's one dirty girl we'd just love to get tackled by!

Erin Andrews, they mean! She is in a sexxxy GQ photo spread (actually not that sexy? And she posed for it months before her nude video incident. No matter!) and the Post finds that this is a great opportunity to clarify to you, the readers: Erin Andrews is one dirty, sexxxy broad:

After GQ's photos hit newsstands and GQ.com this week, Andrews admirers will have to hold their breath for two weeks before getting a fresh gander at her — and her lovely gams.

"Gams," they said. "Gams."
[Pic: GQ]