CSPAN has assembled an adorable package of the Washington, DC TV pundit gerontocracy trying to come to terms with The Twitter; naturally we've reduced this to only the most embarrassing bits.

Some of these guys really deserve their own entries on Old People Talking About the Internet, the Tumblr about olds befuddled by the interwebs. Suffice it to say, Twitter illiteracy is miles from being the most cringeworthy aspect of the inbred DC press corps. Still, we couldn't help being amused at the repeated slams at Twitter for being "narcissistic;" that's pretty rich coming from people who basically spend all day circle jerking on current affairs TV shows and chewing their own cud in various syndicated columns.

Not that everyone's detestable. We'd totally adopt gentle-hearted Christian Science Monitor reporter Gail Russell Chaddock and her "Twitter line" if we could.