Twitter's been repeatedly brought down this month by attacks from global hackers, attacks that sysadmins at rival Google managed to deflect. What better time to tinker with the elaborate process of home beer brewing?

Sure, it can be time consuming, but then so can washing away the day's hack-attack sorrows at the local pub. This little office brew, discovered at Twitter HQ by Mashable's Ben Parr, offers at least a visual gulp, and the promise of beer to come, without anyone needing to leave the building — just the thing to cap a battle with Russian cyber armies. Of course, combined with the free falafels Parr snapped, and with previously-reported ideas for a games room, lockers and wine cellar at the Twitter offices, the beer does tend to lend Twitter something of a frat-house aura. It is the grunt-iest of the blogging platforms!

(UPDATE: We originally said Parr was Pete Cashmore. Sorry Ben!)