In your sweaty Wednesday media column: Bruce Wasserstein winning a dubious race, sports columnists are being eaten by Twitter, a Hunter S. Thompson story, and more!

Keith Kelly says that New York mag owner Bruce Wasserstein is "emerging as a frontrunner" in the, uh, race(?) to buy BusinessWeek. He's up against Joe Mansueto and a bunch of financial firms. Pump those resumes hard, BW staffers.

Sports columnists at the New York Times are retiring and old and the paper's not replacing them! Instead, they tell John Koblin, the paper's going to make its sports beat writers Twitter and Twitter and blog and blog until they have shared just as much totally useless opinion as a full-time professional sports columnist would.

Oh ho, the SF Chronicle could have had Hunter Thompson cover the OJ Simpson trial for it, but it was too cheap to supply him with basic journalism tools: "Hunter wanted satellite dishes, an unlimited expense account and a suite or two at the Chateau Marmont." Whatever! The CNN people probably got that shit and they aren't even gonzo at all.

"Who at Gawker is cashing in on the McSteamy sex video?" All the masturbators!