There has been a spate of gay men, including Richard Hatch, claiming homophobia when they behave badly or things don't go their way. Hey guys, sometimes things happen, not because you like dick, but because you are one.

Richard Hatch, the winner of the original season of Survivor in 2000, spent nearly four years in prison for not paying taxes, including on the $1 million he won on the show. Yesterday, while still on house arrest in Rhode Island, he did an interview with Matt Lauer saying that the reason he was convicted was because a homophobic prosecutor and judge singled him out and that he is, in fact, innocent.

That is such a load of bull! Our legal system may not be perfect, but there is no way that enough evidence could be concocted to throw his greedy ass in jail. The only excuse he could have for not paying Uncle Sam for a check he was given in front of millions of people is stupidity. Instead, he plays the gay card.

Shortly after the interview, the sheriff came and carted him back to jail for doing it. We still don't know whether it was because he did it or because of what he said. Time will tell.

If only we could lock up Kristian Laliberte, the socialgay who claims he was harassed and assaulted by a guest at the Hamptons nightclub Georgica. Come to find out he was mistreated because he stole the guy's booze and caused a fit. Thanks for ruining your message of tolerance by being a jackass.

Maybe he learned this trick from Perez Hilton, who tried to get sympathy for being attacked after calling rapper a "faggot" in a fight. Which is similar to Nick Haramis the BlackBook editor who claimed he was a victim of a hate crime at Village staple the Corner Bistro earlier this year, when the surveillance video shows his drunk ass was the aggressor in the attack.

Yes, homophobia affects gay men all the time in various and subtle ways. And yes, we are treated unfairly all the time. But hate crimes are on the rise, and we can't afford for the impact of these tragedies to be lessened by your petty claims. Every time a queer reports a false hate crime, a fairy loses its wings.

Take responsibility for not paying your taxes, for being a drunk idiot, or an aggressive blogger. It's time to take it like a man. It's something gay men are famous for, and it's about time you learn.