Surely whenever you think of someone with a crap job, someone's who's been handed a winning(?) ticket in the shitty-life lottery, surely Rachel Zoe's name springs to mind, because being a stylist will force you into the fetal position!

At least that's what Little Miss Zoe essentially says in a Q&A with Women's Wear Daily to promote season two of The Rachel Zoe Project. When Stephanie D. Smith asked Zoe a question about the mean things that people say about her, she got all dramatic on us.

They're all ridiculous. [They say I'm] starving people, [I'm] getting drugs for people. Seriously, I have to have a migraine to take a Tylenol. The whole size zero thing, not one of my clients is a size zero. Not one. [They say] that all of my clients look the same. Are you going to tell me that Jennifer Garner is dressed like Cameron Diaz and Liv Tyler looks like Kate Hudson? It doesn't make any sense. These people are just printing things to print things. It is what it is. You want to crawl up into a ball, you want to hide, you want to quit your job, you want to disappear. I've developed a bit of a thicker skin, but I'm not going to say it doesn't hurt, because it does.

Apparently Zoe's been suffering from these same horrors for quite some time. In March of 2007 she told the New York Times that because of her work as a stylist she's had to learn to "develop a really thick skin," and last year she told Blackbook that she's "spent a good part of the last three years wanting to crawl under a rock." Now, in the world that "normal" people live in, signing on to star in perhaps the most repulsive, nauseatingly narcissistic reality show ever produced doesn't seem like the perfect recipe for escaping the urge to crawl under rocks, but that's why Rachel Zoe is so different than the rest of us, I suppose. Godspeed you crazy young butterfly. Don't let the bastards get you down!