August 19 @ 6pm [Submit your own Gawker Stalker sightings to] Shopping at Ina on Prince street. She was in the shop for 2+ hours. There was a ton of paparazzi so I stopped to see who it was.

I found out it was Lindsay. Then this little 85 year old woman stops me to ask who it is. I responded with "it is Lindsay Lohan." She then says "Oh, you don't speak English." I responded again with "it is Lindsay Lohan", she says "Who's that?" I laugh & tell her she is some young celebrity. She then asks, "why is she so great." I said, "I don't know, she really isn't." This girl next to me laughs & another girl rolls her eyes at me. By the time I came out of 24 Prince where I was taking a cooking class the store front was covered with makeshift wrapping paper so paparazzi couldn't get any shots. People were still gawking at Lindsay Lohan. Tell me why??