Google must not be big on fresh shellfish in the company cafeteria, judging from executive chief Preeti Mistry's Wednesday performance on Top Chef. The Cordon Bleu graduate figured she'd just shuck the little beasties like oysters. Whoops!

The upshot of this unfortunate decision — clams are nothing like oysters — was something of a "500 Server Error" for her reality-show team. They weren't "feeling lucky," if you know what we mean.

Mistry, the short-haired, fauxhawked cook in the above video except, is back at Google's "Charlie's Cafe" at the Mountain View headquarters, Peter Kafka reports in All Things D. Reps for Google's catering firm tell Kafka she's "recovering" from the rattling Top Chef taping. But for all its recent cutbacks, including on food, the last thing Google needs is a public rebuke to its much-vaunted culinary excellence. Might we suggest a grudge match involving another tech company, say, Facebook? They've totally got a cafeteria!

UPDATE: As NBC Bay Area notes, Mistry's been hamming it up on her Twitter feed. Or "clamming" it up, rather:

(Clip via Hulu)