In your sweat-drenched Friday media column: Newser's traffic plunches, Rupert Murdoch's paycheck plunges, the likelihood of Sam Zell staying at the Tribune Co. plunges, and The Progressive's bank account plunges., the aggregation site run by Most Important Man In The Media Michael Wolff, has seen its traffic fall by about two thirds since May. This is directly attributable to Michael Wolff being annoying.

Rupert Murdoch's paycheck this year plunged 40%, to $18 million. His wrinkles held steady, at a skillion. Tangentially related: News Corp is folding its free London commuter paper.

The latest on the Tribune "saga," of Sam Zell slowly being shown the door, and told to walk the fuck through it:

Tribune Co. said its ownership is likely to change as the newspaper-and-television company emerges from bankruptcy-court protection, a shift that people familiar with the matter say would likely put the company in the hands of its lenders and shrink primary debt by more than 90%.

Lefty magazine The Progressive, needs to raise $90,000 in the next two weeks or it will fold. Now you cannot cry ignorance.