The Washington Post reports today that ACLU lawyers may have violated the law by showing photos of CIA agents to Guantanamo Bay prisoners. But they kind of buried the lead—the ACLU managed to tail and photograph CIA agents.

The John Adams Project, a joint operation of the ACLU and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, is offering support to military defense lawyers at Guantanamo, and they've launched a campaign to identify and expose CIA agents involved in torturing terror suspects. In order to figure out who was doing what to whom, they hired researchers to follow suspected spooks and snap their photos, which they then showed to terror suspects, line-up style:

[G]overnment investigators are now looking into whether the defense team went too far by allegedly showing the detainees the photos of CIA officers, in some cases surreptitiously taken outside their homes.

Way to go, CIA. Your vaunted counterintelligence capabilities and ever-vigilant secrecy protocols weren't enough to shield you from the all-seeing eye of the fucking ACLU. First the Italians—the Italians!—bust you using your cell phones during an illegal rendition, and now you're letting pointy-headed gay pinko Ivy-league liberals follow you home from Langley. Escape and evade!