Remember Damon Weaver? The young envy of D.C.'s press, who's now Barack Obama's homeboy, was interviewed by MSNBC. They learn that he'd rather be on CNN, and how he wants to interview Michael Vick. They then shame him! His response?

First, it's important to keep in mind that Weaver — who's got the sickest press credentials in all the land - is only just starting out, and he already has a Wikipedia Page. His inflated Mediaite ranking is sure to follow. And after this: so is a call from ESPN. Watch as he deftly handles a question regarding who he's going to interview next, and the follow-up, in which he doesn't consider speaking with Michael Vick — who, if he were to speak with Weaver, would be granting him a courtesy interview - about dog fighting.

He might as well have said, Lady, I'm just a fuckin' kid. Back off. And he would've been right. Why, of all the questions, of all the people he just gave you, would you ask the most blatantly insensitive one? The kid's twelve, the world has Bob Costas for that kind of thing, and his ambition to be Wolf Blitzer over some MSNBC moving face surely looks like a far more nuanced ambition now than it did before. Blitzer would never toss him a few softballs and then try to hit him with the pitch.

Even better, though, was Weaver's shutdown of his questioner: subtle, as polite as possible, and intelligent. Hell, it shows the makings of a good Press Secretary, too. Gibbs: protect your neck, son. Damon Weaver's comin' up on you.