Remember music videos being important, and good? Neither does anybody I know, because our memory's been wiped by MTV and VH1's current slate of programming. And then there's this beautiful, fan-made music video of indie band Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks."

The hipster harmonizing, Pet Sounds-aping band probably made a video for "Two Weeks" the single off of their latest album, and it was probably decent, but it hasn't had the viral power of this, which picked up something like 47,000 views on Vimeo since it's debut. Bonus: even the band noticed it. It was animated by a guy named Gabe Askew, and it's truly wonderful. Imagine a world where not only did MTV still play videos, but played the best ones out there. Oh well. Certain arts come and go, but there will always be people to preserve quality in them for their ever-obscured audiences. Enjoy:

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear from Gabe Askew on Vimeo.